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New Panorama Cabo San Vicente Published 30-09-2013
The Cape St. Vincent is a Cape located in the extreme southwest of mainland Portugal, in the village of Sagres, Vila do Bispo. Is 4 km West and 3 km north of Sagres point, the old "Promontorium Sacrum", dedicated to the Roman god Saturn, and home to an ancient fortress (Fortaleza de Sagres) was open.

In Lagos, 25 km to the East, the Infante d. Henrique would have established his navigation school (Escola de Sagres) in the 15th century, which boosted thePortuguese discoveries. Lead researcher Luís de Albuquerque has demonstrated that it is a myth
New Panorama Castle Beach in Albufeira Published 30-09-2013
The sandy beach of the Castle, docked between towering rock walls, unfolds in hidden corners and small coves. At the eastern end of the beach, a rock formation is reminiscent of the battlements of a castle, by drowning.
Support infrastructures: unordered Parking, access to the beach via stairs or ramp, in madeira, restaurants, toilets and surveillance in the bathing season.
Zavial Beach and Praia da Ingrina Published 30-09-2013
At the end of a valley that serves as a mouth to a small stream, next to a small Grove of eucalyptus trees, praia do Zavial is bounded on both sides by high cliffs. Frequented by many surfers, the eastern section of the beach, with its jagged cliffs is the most quiet and also so much sought after by naturists. The only downside is the wind, which in these parts can be a real problem. These days, the nearby Praia da Ingrina, to the West, emerges as a good alternative.
Panorama Porto Mós added Published 30-09-2013
The beach of Porto de Mós is an extensive Beach located between cliffs. How to get there: in the city of Lakes, go to AV. dos Descobrimentos. After the Firehouse, turn left and at the next roundabout go straight ahead.